• Yoga beyond asana

Yoga beyond Asana

Yoga is classified as one of the shad-darshanas: six systems of Indian philosophy. Within the system of yoga, asana are the initial rung of the ladder leading to an inward progression towards absolution of the soul. Currently, the world is witness to the philosophy of yoga-asana being denigrated into a largely physical scheme of exercise. The roots and true purpose of yoga reach far into ancient Vedic history to integrate with the rich traditions of Indian culture

The Yoga School offers traditional yogic wisdom through practice, experiential study, lectures and integration of Ayurvedic practices as an everyday lifestyle. The onus to bring forth the principled essence of a yoga-vedic lifestyle prompted the purpose of The Yoga School in India.
This will be achieved through a themed Yogavedic workshop that covers the subjects related to Yoga and Ayurveda: Asana; Pranayama; Kriya; Meditation & Yoga Nidra; study of yogic philosophy; Yogic anatomy and physiology; Yoga as therapy; Fundamentals and concepts of Ayurveda and above all, executing action in the spirit of Karma yoga. The endeavor is for you to experience yoga throughout your routine of daily life: taking your Yoga beyond Asana.

The entire workshop is modeled to create a comprehensive undertaking for a daily regimen of a yogavedic lifestyle and to provide a week - 6Nights / 7 days YogaVedic Workshop Attendance Certificate from the Workshop.

It's beyond asana. It's about philosophy, culture and tradition to eventually live yoga within the rhythm of nature’s cycles.

Embrace the enriching experience of the traditions of 
Yoga and Ayurveda applied to every living moment.


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20 April 2018
Pancha(Five) Prana(the vital life force)The energy of the cosmos that exists in the physical body is known as prana. It is this energy that is manifest in all matter, and the same that flows within the body to keep every organism alive and active. Th...
12 April 2018
Baisakhi (13th/14th/15th April) is the harbinger of summer days. It is the last of the winter harvest and brings in the summer during the months of Vaisakh and Jyeshtha. Traditionally, India and her farming community still follow a solar and lunar al...
29 March 2018
​Asana- To be (established/seated in)The yoga sutra of Patanjali puts asana at the third rung of the eight steps of yoga. The first two being the Yama(social ethical codes) and Niyama(self discipline). In not so far history, an aspirant of yoga was t...

Join to experience yoga beyond asana and a discovery of traditional ways of sharing of knowledge through the centuries.